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Gordon Haber's Insights into Alaska's Most Misunderstood Animal

The crash of Gordon Haber's research plane in Denali National Park ended his life, his research, and his fierce advocacy for Alaska's wolves. Among Wolves is a journey through Haber's 43-year study and his startling findings. We witness astonishing cooperation as wolves hunt, raise pups, and play, and we watch the devastation to wolf families caused by hunting, trapping, and predator control. Reading Haber's field notes and journals, hearing stories from friends, we feel the passion and wonder that Haber never lost.
University of Alaska Press, Fall 2013

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                                                                  Review in Ecolit.

This book, compiling Gordon Haber's lifetime dedication to studying and protecting wolves, is an immensely important addition to the literature. He knew each one as an individual, observed the disruption of social bonds every time a pack member was killed. Among Wolves will enable those who were not fortunate enough to meet him to be inspired by his amazing stories, as I was. And it will help all those involved with wolf conservation long after his tragic death. Gordon was a hero, and I am sure the wolves howled when his plane crashed--animals know.   
                - Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Among Wolves is a bargain ticket for an incredible boots-on-the-ground and camera-in-the-cockpit science journey with the late Dr. Gordon Haber. Author Marybeth Holleman, an Alaskan who knows the country, will take you on a white-knuckle trip that will thrill you, anger you, and would have made Gordon Haber proud. Enjoy the ride.  
               - Tony Knowles, Governor of Alaska 1994-2002

Biologist Haber was killed in an aircraft crash while tracking wolves in Alaska’s Denali National Park in 2009. Culled from his published articles, research notes, and tweets, combined with the reminiscences of friends and colleagues, this volume, created by Alaskan writer Holleman, is the final word on the groundbreaking research Haber conducted on the Denali wolf packs for four decades. A firm believer in the study of whole ecosystems and infamous for his exhaustive field research in the most extreme conditions, Haber struggled against the widespread fear and hatred of wolves that has determined much of Alaska’s wildlife policy. Stubbornly continuing to gather data and speak out for science-based management, Haber found himself at the center of a debate over wolves that has been accompanied by aerial hunting, gassing of cubs in dens, forced relocation, and trapping. Yet the park’s Toklat pack is comparable only to Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees as one of the “two oldest-known, longest-studied large mammal social groups in the wild.” This is an invaluable overview of Haber’s passionate and essential whole-system method of mammal research.  
               - Booklist

This extraordinary collaboration between Alaska writer Marybeth Holleman and the late world-renowned wolf biologist Dr. Gordon Haber is informative, gripping, passionate, and revealing. It takes readers deep into the culture of Denali National Park's wolf family groups through Haber's 40-plus-years of exacting observations, and then deep into the mire of Alaska wolf politics.
            - ISLE

Holleman deserves credit for creating comprehensive introductory material and a well-organized book (gleaned from Haber’s journals and notes). Readers will share Haber’s intimate experiences with the Toklat wolves of Denali National Park and Preserve and those of the Yukon-Charley region of east-central Alaska. Reading Among Wolves gives us an appreciation not only for Haber’s subject but also for the man himself.
            - Western American Literature

Among Wolves is a rich addition to Canis lupus literature. It includes a great deal of new and intimate information on wolves. At the same time, this very readable book brings transparency to the figure of Gordon Haber, revealing to us, mostly through his own words, the intelligence and compassion of this remarkable man.
            - Ecolit

Artfully framed by Marybeth Holleman, Among Wolves captures the passion, brilliance, and clarity that was Gordon Haber. But most important of all, this compelling, accessible volume showcases Gordon Haber's life's work among the wolves.     
               - Nick Jans

This courageous book eloquently reminds us of the critical importance of understanding wolf culture. 
               - Cristina Eisenberg

Essential reading for learning about these most remarkable animals and for reassessing our relationships with them.
               - Marc Bekoff

I highly recommend this book for anyone who really wants to understand wolves.   
               - Rick McIntyre




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